Forster Tuncurry has numerous accommodation options, including camping grounds, caravan parks, hotels, motels, holiday rentals and AirBnB rentals. Following are some pointers that will help you to  explore when looking for  accommodation.

Suitable and affordable accommodation for the first week of retreat, in particular, may be challenging to find in Forster  and Tuncurry, so please book accommodation as soon as you can. To the north of Tuncurry is Diamond Beach, Red Head and Hallidays Point – all about 20 minutes drive from the retreat venue. To the south of Forster is Green Point and Pacific Palms (which includes locations such as Tiona Park and  Booti Booti (Ruins) campsites, Elizabeth Beach, Boomerang Beach, Blueys Beach and Smiths Lake). All of these locations are 20-40 minutes from the retreat venue.

Please note that accommodation is not included in the Retreat Fee.

We suggest your first point of contact  might be the Great Lakes Information Centre. Staff at the  Information Centre have  a broad knowledge of the area and can book accommodation for you directly.  Contact them by phoneing (02) 6554 8799 or visit their website:

Supporting you

Soon, Rigpa Centres around Australia will nominate a  Retreat Coordinator who you can contact to discuss your needs, should this be necessary. It may be that a member of your local Sangha has booked accommodation for example, and is looking for people to fill beds. Call your local centre to make contact.

Holiday Rentals in Forster and Tuncurry

There is a broad range of holiday rentals available in Forster and Tuncurry. Many require a week by week rental arrangement at this time of the year. Some agents book Saturday to Saturday, while others will allow Monday to Monday bookings (or another day of the week). Here is a list of agencies you can contact:

Holiday Rentals around Pacific Palms

At Blueys Beach, Boomerang Beach and Elizabeth Beach there are holiday apartments that suit most budgets. There are often reasonably priced apartments in Villa Manyana and Oceanside apartment blocks. For this area, the major agent is Pacific Palms Holidays, their contact number is (02) 6554 0500 and their email address is

Holiday Rentals around Hallidays Point

Around Hallidays Point, there are a couple of real estate agents providing holiday rentals:

Camping, Caravan Parks and Cabins around Forster and Tuncurry, Pacific Palms and Hallidays Point

Following are some of the many caravan parks (many with on-site cabins) and campgrounds in the Forster, Tuncurry, Pacific Palms and Hallidays Point area. This list is not exhaustive. Again,  the Great Lakes Information Centre may be able to assist you in finding a campsite in a different caravan park / campground.

Motels, Hotels and Resorts

There is a broad variety and quality of motels and hotels in Forster, Tuncurry, Hallidays Point and Pacific Palms. These can be found online or booked easily through the Great Lakes Information Centre.

Special Assistance

Rigpa can help to find suitable accommodation if you are disabled, elderly or have a medical condition that precludes travel.

If this applies to you  and are you unable to secure appropriate accommodation yourself, please contact Kevin Wren on


There are over 30 listings on AirBnB for properties from Hallidays Point in the north, to Smiths Lake to the south. Some sleep a large number of adults (sometimes up to 10 or 12 people). You may find something in these listings to suit your needs.


If you book accommodation and have any spare beds you wish to share or would like to request to share accommodation you can visit our Facebook page for the Australian Summer Retreat. You can request access to join the Facebook page and then post your need or number of beds / rooms you have available.

This is a closed Facebook group to be used by Summer retreat students to post accommodation and transport needs, see the daily schedule, share insights and connect with each other about the retreat.

The Facebook page can be found by clicking here – Facebook page.