For the first time, the Australian Summer Retreat will be a sangha only retreat.

Awaken the Wisdom and Compassion of our True Nature!
  • a retreat inspired by the boundless wisdom and love in the teachings on Bodhichitta, Lojong and Compassion, from the unique perspective of our tradition of Dzogpachenpo
  • a precious opportunity for sangha to come together to reinvigorate and deepen our practices of meditation, lojong and compassion, with a special focus on tonglen
  • through the power of the teachings, reflection, practice and integration, we will know how we can actually make the practice work in all situations and circumstances, and how we can overcome obstacles when we get stuck
  • and inspiring in us an open culture of regarding one another with the deepest respect, compassion and understanding.

Great Lakes 2018 retreat

Great Lakes 2018 retreat will be the opportunity for Rigpa sangha to step out of the distractions of daily life and enter into an environment dedicated to helping us know our own mind and awakening the wisdom and compassion of our true nature.

The heart of the Dharma: Bodhicitta

Our spiritual journey deals with the heart of the Dharma: Bodhicitta, the compassionate wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. The retreat program will be designed to support our ability to arouse and strengthen our own Bodhicitta.

This is indispensable to all who want to lead a spiritual life with more wisdom and compassion. This is an opportunity for all of us to work on this together.

As always, alongside the teachings, there will be time for practice and reflection, guided by senior students and international instructors already well known to us.

We will have a Rigpé Yeshé program running alongside the main retreat program as usual. Further information will be available as numbers attending become better known.

Diversity, open dialogue, stillness and silence

The retreat will be held in an atmosphere of diversity, open dialogue, stillness and silence, which hopefully will provide a space for us to reflect on our mind, allow the wisdom of the teachings to enter our hearts and for our own insights to blossom.

Many say that receiving teachings in an environment of retreat can bring about a profound transformation in our being and open the possibility of looking at ourselves, our lives and the world around us with a fresh perspective.

May it be so in 2018!

How to Register

As a Rigpa Sangha member you will receive a personalised email with a link to register for retreat.

If you are a Rigpa Sangha member and have not received a personalised email to register, please let us know by emailing

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Children’s Program and Families

Rigpa warmly welcomes children, teenagers and families to our annual retreat at Forster Tuncurry.

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Details on pricing for the retreat.

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We recommend that you make a reservation as early as possible, as the region tends to get booked up during this holiday season. You will find the information below helpful to plan your accommodation.

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If you’re not already a member of our community or not subscribed in a Rigpa study program, we will be offering a broad range of public programs, retreats at various levels of study and practice and events in various cities during 2018. If you would like to know more, check back with us on the Rigpa Australia website